cross is the new green.

October 4, 2011

maybe that doesn’t make sense but what does really?

the cross crusade is underway and our little crew of racers is making a big dent in the racing world of puddletown usa. ryan has gotten a few call ups and so has india. both of them as well as jpow are kickin’ much ass in the races. matt hall, rachel and i have all seen some racing and we are doing our best not to get lapped by the likes of ryan trebon and chris shepard. we decided there needs to be an “a minus” category. here are some photos i took on sunday and here is a link to ryan’s flickr set. thanks for the support!

i picked up some new t-shirts last week and am happy to have some fresh green style to offer. i have smalls, mediums, larges and a few xl’s to sell. they fit like american apparel, are 100% cotton and feel great. printed here in portland by oregon screen impressions. they are $20 each and i will ship it for free. they will be available through paypal also.

back to work.


down and dirty.

September 30, 2011

so much good stuff to write about and i can’t seem to drink enough coffee to get it all out. let’s see, where to start?

the oregon manifest was this past weekend and it was great to see all the great people in town and to get a chance to see some killer bike designs from some of the best bike builders in the country. needless to say, i was under the gun to finish my bike in time (like most of the builders i think) but keith anderson did a great job on the paint and it came out looking beautiful. i could go on and on about my interpretation of a city bike but i built the bike i would ride and think works best for an all round bike of utility. i was officially dq’d for not having a kickstand but i have seen too many bikes with kickstands fall down and get beat up. something else that a lot of people take for granted was the overall weight of the bike. what do you do if you live in new york or sf and have to carry your bike up 3 flights of stairs? are you going to heave that 60 pound bike up? granted, if you live in such a place you probably aren’t getting 3 50lb bags of feed for your chickens but the city bike can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. rant done.

there were a lot of people in town for the manifest and a ton of buzz on the Internets about the events. bill strickland was one of the judges and wrote up a great little story about it here. dylan vanweelden (who is rad btw!) from chris king took a bunch of photos from the party and also from the field test. i didn’t mean to be such a poser but i was stoked to be the first rider in from the 51 miles with tony pereira and happy to be wearing my new rapha jeans next to my favorite old zo messenger bag. tried and true for sure. i rode the whole day in regular clothes and used the merino boxers from rapha with my new brooks saddle and had zero problems all day long. thanks slate!

the day after the manifest was the barlow cross race and while i was worked from the manifest, we rallied the team and showed up in force to race. it was great and barlow proved to be the classic early season cross race that is has been for years. medium-sized crowds compared to the masses that race the first couple cross crusades are nice when you remember the good ol’ days when it was 15 people showing up to race in the rain. i am very pleased with the crew we have and there is a lot of enthusiasm to race hard and have a good time. ryan won the men’s b race and is talking about upgrading to the a’s. he led for the whole race and developed a commanding lead as the grey skies spit a little rain down in the giant steps of the run up. india came in third in the women b’s and j.pow was tenth with her typical smile and stoked attitude. rachel had a great start in the lady a’s and was moving up when she flatted just past the pit and had to run an entire lap with her bike. she soldiered on with a fresh front wheel and finished her race. trooper! matt hall is making up ground from his broken foot a couple of months back and looked smooth on the bike. i played team mom and made sure everyone had water, wheels and plenty of encouragement.

ryan and india have been taking some great photos and posting them on flickr. i want to shout out to our sponsors for being so great too. pdw and d.pow have been great whether they are building pump tracks are cheering us on. thanks guys! corsa concepts is helping us out with wheels this year and this friday is the corsa team cross kick off party at upper echelon. come and hang out with some bike racers and drink all their beer.

finishing up mitch’s cross bike this week and starting tom’s road bike before busting out another small batch of rapha conti bikes next week with tony p. after that its marc, joshua and kui next up to bat. back to work……..

oregon manifesto!

September 21, 2011

come and see the bikes, builders and all the fixins’ this friday as the oregon manifest unveils this years challange to builders to make and show off their idea of the ultimate city bike design.

krueger’s kermese race.

August 29, 2011

a hot week in portland led to dry and dusty conditions for the kruger’s kermese race on sauvie island sunday but the ira ryan cycles cross team showed up and had a great showing. rachel raced women A’s and took third, india raced and won the women B’s with a solid attack around the half way mark with jen powell taking the 10th spot. ryan looked great and overtook a number of racers late in the race to secure 5th and i raced on the official team single speed pit bike and squeaked out a 9th place finish. very good showing for the team and we all wished matt hall could have been there but he is still recovering from a recent broken foot. he will be back soon and flying i am sure.

it was great to see some fantastic crowds and our support crew on the side lines. dan powell and elsa from pdw were there to cheer us on as well as greg from corsa concepts. thanks for the support and encouragement to pedal faster. looking forward to a great season of cross and riding bikes.

the gentlemen’s race wasn’t so gentle.

August 24, 2011

in addition to running a small framebuilding company, trying to ride and race when i can and have a balanced real person’s life with food and friend’s, i also have a strong desire to sponsor other riders and especially those riders who don’t often get the benefits that most men do in the world of cycling. this year i have come to know a great group of ladies who all ride and race locally. i can say that i have been dropped by them on more than one occasion and they are all great riders. last year they competed as a team in the gentlemen’s race and this year they all wanted to ride again so i am proud to say that they rode under the IRA RYAN CYCLES banner for this years rapha gentlemen’s race.

photo by dmroth

it started out as a hot and dusty day for last weekend’s race but they covered the 130 miles of hills, gravel and great views in style and with great team work. the team comprised of rachel, abby, india, ward, cindy and amy. the temperatures reached into the low 90’s it wasn’t an easy day for anyone and amy had to pull the plug during the hottest part to the day but the five ladies carried on to the finish.

photo by cindy the "KOM killer"

a couple highlights that occured during the 130 mile race include ward’s puking in front of a car of people near mile 70 and cindy winning the king of the mountian competition for the ladies. ward was quick to point out, with a smile,  how great she felt after puking. if there isn’t glory in that suffer, i don’t know where to find it. congrats to all the people who raced but especially to the ladies who i am proud to have sponsored.

i also raced with the rapha conti team and got cooked under the blazing sun. i am more conditioned to the heat from the torch lately and only two of our team completed the whole 130 miles. 110 miles was plenty for me.

now it’s on to cyclo cross, shorter rides and reps of espresso curls.

i am continuing to sponsor some ladies for the cross team this year including rachel who will be racing her ira ryan bike in the women’s A category, india who is going to kill some lady B riders this year along with jen powell (the shorter j. pow!) racing her new ira ryan cycles cross bike. i could go on for a long time about how more needs to be done to sponsor and promote women’s cycling but i will just say come out and support us this fall. i am proud to have such stellar ladies racing for IRA RYAN CYCLES!

summer sidetrack

August 17, 2011

sorry to all the folks who have been trying to get a hold of me lately but i have been busy (as usual) and i also had a recent death in the family and had to return to iowa. i am back to work on thursday and will be catching up on emails before this weekend.

ride your bike.

August 2, 2011

three pictures that i would label “pro tour style.” the photos of the ira ryan cycles caps were sent from the alps in france during the tour. damn, i wish i were there! the last photo is closer to home and documents matt hall’s little bike tour over last weekend. i am pretty sure that matt’s personal belongings are tied up tightly in the small seat bag but he is such a nice guy to carry all the camp chairs and tents for the whole group. to add the pinch of tough guy to the mix, matt also rode with a broken foot. if that’s not training for the brutality of cross, i don’t know what is.

a while back i got a chance to race on pdw’s circulus against some of portland’s fastest hooligans. i didn’t come close to winning but i like to think the new skinsuit helped take me to the quarter finals in style. our friend james who made the 21st avenue bicycles videos also shot some footage of the event and has a sweet teaser. enjoy.

ragby’ sized t shirts!

July 25, 2011

t-shirts in the bicycle world are a form of currency. they are traded, swapped and sold the world over and every time i get dressed in the morning i realize that every single shirt in my drawer has something to do with a bicycle, bicycle company or i got at some bicycle race. i know, lame right?

i am happy to add to the international bicycle industry standard and have offered up my own t shirts for sale for a couple of years now and without them, i would still be stuck in san jose or austin for sure. trying to get the right number of shirts in the right sizes in an order is tough and i am probably not the first person to be stuck with a box of xxl’s on the shelf.

i have been drawing up some new designs that i promise won’t be black this time but i need to sell the last one from the most current design and since today is the first day of the ragby’ in iowa, it seems fitting to have a fire sale on the extra-large shirts i have left. i have 12 xl’s that need homes. they are $10 each including usps shipping.

i also just took stock of another batch of little package caps in black and have 10 in stock. they are still the best cycling caps out there and hand-made by caroline in portland for only $40 each.

lastly, i have two large ira ryan jerseys in stock and for sale. they are $90 each including shipping.

happy ragby’ to you all and to all a good pancake!

puff the magic 100 mile mountain bike race.

July 12, 2011

it has been a busy and somewhat painful last couple weeks. i had a wisdom tooth taken out and developed a dreaded case of dry socket. as if not having dental health care didn’t hurt enough, i have had a massive headache for the last couple days. it is slowly getting better but have been focusing the energy i do have on being in the shop and taking care of bike builds and such.

we finished up the last continental bike of the first batch and got it on its way to japan to a very happy customer. we have already sold a handful of the next round and both tony and i are happy to say that we have decided to offer the continental bicycle with s and s couplers as an upgrade. we both feel that the couplers take an already versatile bike and make it travel friendly. the couplers add $600 to the cost but we feel they make the cycling experience priceless.

i have finished up charlie’s road bike and have gotten a good start on max’s bike which is in the vice now. sadly, i have been slacking on taking photos on my digital camera but i should have some process shots soon.

last weekend rachel raced her second cascade creampuff in oakridge and had a great race. there were less racers overall but a lot more ladies this year and out of 27 women starters, rachel came in 6th. not to bad for a 100 mile mountain bike race in the heart of oregon timber country. matt hall, myself and rachel all drove down for the race on saturday and camped out under clear, cool skies waiting for the pre-dawn start at 5am. abby and rachel have been training together for months and it was finally time to race. abby looked nervous and rachel was all giddy.

they rolled out for the first of three laps up 1910 and down the sweet, sweet single track of alpine. climbing up 1910 watching the sunrise is quiet the experience and i wished i had the $275 to pay to do the race again this year. after breakfast and bad coffee, we hung around and waited for the ladies to come around at the base of alpine. lots of fast folks and we mistook rebecca rusch for a dude as she blew through the aid station. rachel and abby came in a while later before most of the ladies in the race. matt, greg and i shuttled up to the top of the climb to see the ladies on the climb before starting the last decent down towards the covered bridge and the finish.

rachel came in ready to be off the bike but very happy with her result. no flats. no mechanicals. highs in the mid 70’s and flowing, buff trail made for some fast times and smiling faces in the end. rachel rode her hardtail ira ryan with a reba front fork and chris king hubs laced up to bomb-proof corsa concepts 26 inch rims. we just switched over to tubeless tires with great success and she loves the way they ride. she used dumond tech chain lube and it lasted the whole day without any issues. for a race like the puff, rachel used fsa’s 2×9 cranks with a 27 and a 40 big ring along with a smooooth king bottom bracket. durable, silky and the perfect gearing for a long xc race.

rachel wrote up a report on the race on her blog, map of the heart. it is a good read and recounts some great rides we have done over the years. enjoy.

now that the big race of the summer is all done, we can turn our focus to cross and getting ready for short races, a fast pace and not racing until afternoon. today however is back to work with some sore muscles and a full pot of coffee.

giro steez.

June 28, 2011

quick post to share a photo that mike sent along from a recent ride. enjoy!

“Glad you like the updates, it has been a great adventure so far.  Rode up to Paradise at Mt. Rainier on Saturday, some of the most breathtaking scenery i have ever ridden in.  The 19 mile climb was not too bad with all the switchbacks and things to look at.  The bike performed super duper as ever and she looks sweet in a snowy backdrop.
Thanks,  Mike”