meet matt hall

i have known matt hall for a long time and we have been on many a long bike ride together. we both share a similar history with cycling and now both find ourselves in the “grumpy old man” category more than anything else. needless to say we are happy to call each other friends and riding mates. back in the day we found ourselves in parallel universes of über bike dorkdom. me in iowa and matt in klamath falls, oregon where he and him brothers were decimating boxes of cereal before matt would practice his mad mountain bike trials skills bunny hopping over the empty boxes in the front yard. sick. i have to confess while i never developed the mountain bike skills in iowa, i used to keep my rollers in the locker room for some study hall training sessions. (i thought i was going to win the tour some day. ha.)

matt’s bunny hopping skills paid off.

matt is an original member of the ira ryan cycles cross team and we have raced together for years. matt hall is just as skilled at riding as he is with his drawing, espresso drinking and tom waits trivia. for years matt, molly cameron and i would spend hours riding in the rain in the west hills joking about how cool it would be to put on a race on those roads. this lead to the king kong classic event a couple of years ago. thanks molly and matt.

i haven’t seen a lot of matt lately since he is busy working on preparation for his art show at ampersand vintage studio in a couple of weeks. it has been over a year in the making and if you are in portland on the last thursday of feb, you owe it to yourself to go see his show. it will blow your mind.


3 Responses to “meet matt hall”

  1. graz Says:

    sum pics please
    only got thee ones on cyclingnews

  2. 30thcentury Says:

    Ira if you are too busy now that you are famous(er) we are still available to update your blog for you, just send us the password!

  3. 455 stainless bars Says:

    is he joining the Olympics? How is he doing now?

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