top crossers

wine glass in hand on a cold and wet sunday night. cross worlds just wrapped up with victories by alberts and vos. the torch and files are tucked away for a day and i just got off the phone with michael gallager who raced at cross nationals and master’s worlds in louisville. michael is one of those guys who gets faster and more fit as the season wears on. he has been racing this season for corsa concepts and campaigning on two ira ryan cross bikes.

over the course of the last year i have had a chance to get to know michael and can now call him a friend. he has shown himself to be one of the most consistent and dedicated racers with a background of racing cross in belgium before coming back to portland a couple of years ago. he might not tabletop off the flyover but he is a standup guy and fast. while the rest of the cross racers i know in portland are taking time off after cross, michael was driving across the western US to sleep on the floor of a friend’s house before racing to 8th place at nationals in madison. with a third row start he climbed his way to the top of the field and rode well. i can’t say how proud i am to have helped michael have a stellar finish to his 2011 cross season.

after cross nationals micheal headed south to louisville for cyclocross master’s world championships where he got to test race the 2013 cross world’s race course and ride to 14th place amongst a stacked field. there weren’t a lot of riders from portland at master’s worlds but tim butler and michael made a strong showing for the pacific northwest.


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