eighth sign of the end days.

so i finally did it. i bought a smart phone. i like to think that it’s the phone that eric zabel and mark cavendish would have used in years past since it’s a htc/t-mobile device. in the end it is making documenting and cataloging my life and work easier. rachel thinks it has stolen some of my soul and maybe it has but i had to cave sometime, right? it may be part of my new 2012 vision to work smarter and not harder. so far i think it has worked but we are only 5 days in.

december 7th was my last post and it seems like so long ago that i was looking forward to some christmas downtime and not hearing about black friday. xmas blew by and rachel, myself, dan powell from pdw fame and his wife jen from jpow! cross racing fame, took a spontaneous trip to arcada, california to visit a friend, camp and ride mountain bikes for 4 days. it was glorious and dry. rachel and i work up on december 25th, put on shoes and our puffy coats and did two runs down the downhill run. followed by camp coffee and a warm fire. it was great.

now i am back in the shop and in full nahbs panic mode. i am working on a big bike project with chris king, ned ludd in portland, trucker racks and tanner goods. it is gonna be big and beautiful and yes it will have a kickstand this time. i am excited to be working with ben at trucker and also to having a booth in sacremento. more details to follow but today i got the hubs from king which are the only front disc hubs to have funbolts in the world. they are slick.

nahbs is march 2nd-4th and i hope to have everything done by then so i can enjoy some time in the sunshine in california.


2 Responses to “eighth sign of the end days.”

  1. graz Says:

    read in bq someone don’t do kickstands

    now i know

    u rock.

    ps. time to poop; was that the manifest issue????
    pss. a smartfone……the shame. we lost a good man that day.

  2. Jb Says:

    Put a bird on it. You forgot about the sauna dude!

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