winding down for the year.

well, sort of anyway. the bike business is still chugging along with a full head of steam as the mercury is dropping outside the shop walls. i have my little heater going but i still wear about 5 to 7 layers when i go to work. i won’t bore you with the details but i can tell you how great it is to have an arm load of merino base layers on hand to keep me warm under my army surplus sweater. i finally finished up marc’s stainless steel lugged frame and fork and i can say for certain that i will be raising my prices for polishing stainless. my fingers are nearly bleeding but damn it looks great. his bike is also getting a fillet brazed stem with a brushed nickel finish to match the brushed lugs. bling but very ridable.

on the list for this week is to start the building of my nahbs bike for 2012. i am very exciting to be working on this bike with ben from trucker racks and jason french form ned ludd restaurant here in portland. i can’t go into the details but i can say it will be a truly versatile and grand bike for racing across town or picking up 50 pounds of cabbage at the farmers market. needless to say, this is the most head start i have had on a show bike ever and it feels good to have plan. plan a trip to sacramento, ca. for march 2nd to the 4th.

i have been slacking on riding and i am falling off the fitness train since i ended the last cross race a couple of weeks back. while i am far from a fat framebuilder, i believe that it is important to know how the bike works at speed. would you trust a builder who doesn’t really know how a thinner or larger tube translates to ride quality? that being said, i am happy that cross is over and i have my sundays back. i have gotten out a couple of times in the last week and it has been great. cold and dry but clear and i have been able to explore a couple old routes that haven’t seen much traffic since last spring.

maybe the king kong classic will make a comeback in 2012.

a little cross recap. the ira ryan cycles team had a great season and almost everyone who was racing the b’s upgraded to the faster “a” group by the end of the cross crusade series. j.pow and india both finished in the top 5 of the ladies “b” field and ryan moved up to compete with matt, rachel and i in the cut throat elite category. one last shout out to the fine folks who helped us have a great season in portland cross.

portland design works provided a ton of support this year. d.pow showed early, made grilled cheese sandwiches all day and was always the last to leave. thanks pdw! corsa concepts was kind enough to let us share their tent and also build some tough and true wheels for our squad. thanks to greg and all the corsa racers for being genuinely great people! dumonde tech was always there to keep our chains and bike silent and clean. oh yeah, those ira ryan cross rigs are pretty great too.

ps. i am now out of medium green t shirts for $12. i will be getting more soon but i am out for now. sorry. new little package hats should hit the shop floor just in time for christmas so stay tuned.

back to work.


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