it’s never black when the sun is shining.

i am thankful that i missed the pepper spray and dodged the mobs this past week. in honor of being thankful for something besides flat screens and video games, we went on a short and dry mountain bike ride on turkey day last week before the rain started up in earnest. a short list of other things i am thankful for include my new three jaw chuck for my lathe, having plenty of 3m 314-d shop cloth and good files for shining up stainless steel, a fiance who can ride mountain bikes better than me and a group of friends who are truly stellar in portland.

while i may have intentionally missed the whole shopping craze of black friday and cyber monday, it doesn’t mean i don’t want to get in on some of the action. i have a box full of t-shirts looking for homes.

the new long sleeves designed by matt hall are $25 until december 7th and that includes shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

the colorful green short sleeve with the porteur on the front are $12 (shipping included) until december 7th.

i have another batch of caps on the way but caroline has been busy getting ready for the bikecraft fair in portland this week and i don’t expect them to hit the shop floor for another week or so. they will be on sale for a short time when they land so stay tuned.

all of these items are for sale through the link to the right and i am happy to take a check if you want to send me one with your desired goods and sizes.

i promise to write about riding bikes soon and will post updates about the bikes on the bench soon.


2 Responses to “it’s never black when the sun is shining.”

  1. steveb Says:

    Any chance you’d ship one of those long sleeve shirts up to canada?

  2. iraryanbicycles Says:

    gladly! let me know and feel free to buy through the blog site and i will get it out.

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