a short post to pass along part of an email from charlie in london who has been a long time fan of ira ryan cycles and also the rapha continental. thank you charlie!

So how does the thing ride? OMG!!!  This is without question the most beautiful ride that I have ever had.  It is sooooooo comfortable, responsive, its acceleration and general pickup is awesome, and this evening commuting home I found myself riding in the bike lane on the Embankment headed west surrounded by traffic sitting up hands off bars whizzing along yet in perfect control, with a massive smile on my face. I know that I should not be using it to commute and sure I will go back to my single speed pista soon but it just gives me a huge kick to ride it, its like I become something else its like I actually morph myself into and become a bicycle.

I have 8 bikes, theres the Pista, the cross, the Paris Roubaix, the crit race, the track, the mountains sportive, and French house bike, but none of them bring a smile to my face like does yours and for that Ira i thank you from the bottom of my heart – which by the way can now be found beating away in a piece of steel fashioned by you.


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