cross is the new green.

maybe that doesn’t make sense but what does really?

the cross crusade is underway and our little crew of racers is making a big dent in the racing world of puddletown usa. ryan has gotten a few call ups and so has india. both of them as well as jpow are kickin’ much ass in the races. matt hall, rachel and i have all seen some racing and we are doing our best not to get lapped by the likes of ryan trebon and chris shepard. we decided there needs to be an “a minus” category. here are some photos i took on sunday and here is a link to ryan’s flickr set. thanks for the support!

i picked up some new t-shirts last week and am happy to have some fresh green style to offer. i have smalls, mediums, larges and a few xl’s to sell. they fit like american apparel, are 100% cotton and feel great. printed here in portland by oregon screen impressions. they are $20 each and i will ship it for free. they will be available through paypal also.

back to work.


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  1. paul Says:

    time for a new post

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