down and dirty.

so much good stuff to write about and i can’t seem to drink enough coffee to get it all out. let’s see, where to start?

the oregon manifest was this past weekend and it was great to see all the great people in town and to get a chance to see some killer bike designs from some of the best bike builders in the country. needless to say, i was under the gun to finish my bike in time (like most of the builders i think) but keith anderson did a great job on the paint and it came out looking beautiful. i could go on and on about my interpretation of a city bike but i built the bike i would ride and think works best for an all round bike of utility. i was officially dq’d for not having a kickstand but i have seen too many bikes with kickstands fall down and get beat up. something else that a lot of people take for granted was the overall weight of the bike. what do you do if you live in new york or sf and have to carry your bike up 3 flights of stairs? are you going to heave that 60 pound bike up? granted, if you live in such a place you probably aren’t getting 3 50lb bags of feed for your chickens but the city bike can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. rant done.

there were a lot of people in town for the manifest and a ton of buzz on the Internets about the events. bill strickland was one of the judges and wrote up a great little story about it here. dylan vanweelden (who is rad btw!) from chris king took a bunch of photos from the party and also from the field test. i didn’t mean to be such a poser but i was stoked to be the first rider in from the 51 miles with tony pereira and happy to be wearing my new rapha jeans next to my favorite old zo messenger bag. tried and true for sure. i rode the whole day in regular clothes and used the merino boxers from rapha with my new brooks saddle and had zero problems all day long. thanks slate!

the day after the manifest was the barlow cross race and while i was worked from the manifest, we rallied the team and showed up in force to race. it was great and barlow proved to be the classic early season cross race that is has been for years. medium-sized crowds compared to the masses that race the first couple cross crusades are nice when you remember the good ol’ days when it was 15 people showing up to race in the rain. i am very pleased with the crew we have and there is a lot of enthusiasm to race hard and have a good time. ryan won the men’s b race and is talking about upgrading to the a’s. he led for the whole race and developed a commanding lead as the grey skies spit a little rain down in the giant steps of the run up. india came in third in the women b’s and j.pow was tenth with her typical smile and stoked attitude. rachel had a great start in the lady a’s and was moving up when she flatted just past the pit and had to run an entire lap with her bike. she soldiered on with a fresh front wheel and finished her race. trooper! matt hall is making up ground from his broken foot a couple of months back and looked smooth on the bike. i played team mom and made sure everyone had water, wheels and plenty of encouragement.

ryan and india have been taking some great photos and posting them on flickr. i want to shout out to our sponsors for being so great too. pdw and d.pow have been great whether they are building pump tracks are cheering us on. thanks guys! corsa concepts is helping us out with wheels this year and this friday is the corsa team cross kick off party at upper echelon. come and hang out with some bike racers and drink all their beer.

finishing up mitch’s cross bike this week and starting tom’s road bike before busting out another small batch of rapha conti bikes next week with tony p. after that its marc, joshua and kui next up to bat. back to work……..


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    More props to Ira’s Oregon Manifest entry:

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