ride your bike.

three pictures that i would label “pro tour style.” the photos of the ira ryan cycles caps were sent from the alps in france during the tour. damn, i wish i were there! the last photo is closer to home and documents matt hall’s little bike tour over last weekend. i am pretty sure that matt’s personal belongings are tied up tightly in the small seat bag but he is such a nice guy to carry all the camp chairs and tents for the whole group. to add the pinch of tough guy to the mix, matt also rode with a broken foot. if that’s not training for the brutality of cross, i don’t know what is.

a while back i got a chance to race on pdw’s circulus against some of portland’s fastest hooligans. i didn’t come close to winning but i like to think the new skinsuit helped take me to the quarter finals in style. our friend james who made the 21st avenue bicycles videos also shot some footage of the event and has a sweet teaser. enjoy.

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