ragby’ sized t shirts!

t-shirts in the bicycle world are a form of currency. they are traded, swapped and sold the world over and every time i get dressed in the morning i realize that every single shirt in my drawer has something to do with a bicycle, bicycle company or i got at some bicycle race. i know, lame right?

i am happy to add to the international bicycle industry standard and have offered up my own t shirts for sale for a couple of years now and without them, i would still be stuck in san jose or austin for sure. trying to get the right number of shirts in the right sizes in an order is tough and i am probably not the first person to be stuck with a box of xxl’s on the shelf.

i have been drawing up some new designs that i promise won’t be black this time but i need to sell the last one from the most current design and since today is the first day of the ragby’ in iowa, it seems fitting to have a fire sale on the extra-large shirts i have left. i have 12 xl’s that need homes. they are $10 each including usps shipping.

i also just took stock of another batch of little package caps in black and have 10 in stock. they are still the best cycling caps out there and hand-made by caroline in portland for only $40 each.

lastly, i have two large ira ryan jerseys in stock and for sale. they are $90 each including shipping.

happy ragby’ to you all and to all a good pancake!


4 Responses to “ragby’ sized t shirts!”

  1. R. King Says:

    Yeah! Awesome debut for the skinsuit at Circulus!

  2. iraryanbicycles Says:

    i think i am still dizzy!

    all the larges are gone. thanks folks! i still have some xl’s left. thanks for the interest.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    New skinsuit is looking sharp – will look even better whirring by in the mud this autumn. You would’ve been killer in a TT helmet at Circulus!

  4. Doug Van Cleve Says:

    Hey Ira, if you still have any XL tees I would like one. Can I PayPal the dough somewhere? Thanks, Doug

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