puff the magic 100 mile mountain bike race.

it has been a busy and somewhat painful last couple weeks. i had a wisdom tooth taken out and developed a dreaded case of dry socket. as if not having dental health care didn’t hurt enough, i have had a massive headache for the last couple days. it is slowly getting better but have been focusing the energy i do have on being in the shop and taking care of bike builds and such.

we finished up the last continental bike of the first batch and got it on its way to japan to a very happy customer. we have already sold a handful of the next round and both tony and i are happy to say that we have decided to offer the continental bicycle with s and s couplers as an upgrade. we both feel that the couplers take an already versatile bike and make it travel friendly. the couplers add $600 to the cost but we feel they make the cycling experience priceless.

i have finished up charlie’s road bike and have gotten a good start on max’s bike which is in the vice now. sadly, i have been slacking on taking photos on my digital camera but i should have some process shots soon.

last weekend rachel raced her second cascade creampuff in oakridge and had a great race. there were less racers overall but a lot more ladies this year and out of 27 women starters, rachel came in 6th. not to bad for a 100 mile mountain bike race in the heart of oregon timber country. matt hall, myself and rachel all drove down for the race on saturday and camped out under clear, cool skies waiting for the pre-dawn start at 5am. abby and rachel have been training together for months and it was finally time to race. abby looked nervous and rachel was all giddy.

they rolled out for the first of three laps up 1910 and down the sweet, sweet single track of alpine. climbing up 1910 watching the sunrise is quiet the experience and i wished i had the $275 to pay to do the race again this year. after breakfast and bad coffee, we hung around and waited for the ladies to come around at the base of alpine. lots of fast folks and we mistook rebecca rusch for a dude as she blew through the aid station. rachel and abby came in a while later before most of the ladies in the race. matt, greg and i shuttled up to the top of the climb to see the ladies on the climb before starting the last decent down towards the covered bridge and the finish.

rachel came in ready to be off the bike but very happy with her result. no flats. no mechanicals. highs in the mid 70’s and flowing, buff trail made for some fast times and smiling faces in the end. rachel rode her hardtail ira ryan with a reba front fork and chris king hubs laced up to bomb-proof corsa concepts 26 inch rims. we just switched over to tubeless tires with great success and she loves the way they ride. she used dumond tech chain lube and it lasted the whole day without any issues. for a race like the puff, rachel used fsa’s 2×9 cranks with a 27 and a 40 big ring along with a smooooth king bottom bracket. durable, silky and the perfect gearing for a long xc race.

rachel wrote up a report on the race on her blog, map of the heart. it is a good read and recounts some great rides we have done over the years. enjoy.

now that the big race of the summer is all done, we can turn our focus to cross and getting ready for short races, a fast pace and not racing until afternoon. today however is back to work with some sore muscles and a full pot of coffee.


5 Responses to “puff the magic 100 mile mountain bike race.”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Yee-haaw! Next year we just have to do that 27 days in a row.

  2. paul meyer Says:

    hey Ira… off subject but just curious. what kind of racks are on the green touring bike photo that is sometimes a header for you web page?

  3. bicyclesuk Says:

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  4. 21 Says:

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  5. Weston Says:

    Nice bikes! The scenery must have been great too!

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