midsummer days blog.

as our little patch of the planet has reached the apex of its distance from the sun, i have been slaking on photographs, blogging or tweeting. sorry but i have had to focus my attention on building bicycle frames and getting them out the door.

the continental bicycles have all been built and are boxed up ready to ship to the far corners of the globe. we are wrapping up our second order window and happy to share an interview tony and i did with jeremy dunn about the project. pretty good interview and peanut butter even made it into the photos.

cross is drawing close and i have a few bikes to build before the season really gets going. i am happy to have added some great ladies to the roster for this year’s season. rachel, india and j. pow will be rockin’ the ira ryan cycles style in the mud this fall.

the northwest rapha gentleman’s race will be taking place this august and i am happy to announce that ira ryan cycles will be sponsoring a team of ladies who crushed last year’s race. these ladies are solid riders and great people on and off the bike. very proud to promote ladies in the wide world of bicycle racing.

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