continental bicycles and ira ryan cycles jerseys are here!

when it rains, it pours! we should know since we live in portland. tony and i picked up the rapha continental frames, forks, pumps and fenders from coat yesterday and within a couple of hours, we had them all prepped and ready to start hanging parts on them. very exciting and they are turning out very well. surrounded by boxes and wheels, ryan, tony and i got two bikes done and 3 more well under way. tony and i are on track to have them all out the door by mid-next week to the four corners of the globe.

the order window for the second batch is open until the end of the month and we are still happy to take orders.

at the same time the rapha bikes showed up, we also got the box-o-kit from vermarc in belgium. it has been a while since we ordered new ira ryan cycles jerseys and i think the new kit is top-notch. very nice quality with a great fit. i was a little nervous when everyone seemed to think i wore a large jersey but as usual, the small top fit like a glove. the box contains jerseys, all the mens bibs and a couple of skinsuits for the upcoming cross season. i have a long list of folks who bought kit and will be making out envelopes and mailing it all off next week.

i do have a couple extra jerseys in med and large for sale if you didn’t get in on the first batch. i also picked up a few black little package caps along with some new white caps with black ira ryan logos for those hot summer days. feel free to email me if you interested in any of these goodies.

peanut butter is a great shop cat and also approves of the new ira ryan cycles


a couple quick notes about ira ryan cycles in the world. the new hopworks bike bar is hosting their grand opening this week and has the cities finest selection of handbuilt bicycle frames up above the new bar. very impressive. the editors of the cycle exif site asked i would write-up a guest post and it should go up sometime in the next week or so. adam, asked if i would write about a favorite bike and send some photos over to post.

in the shop, i have max’s bike in the stand and will be starting charlie’s s and s coupled bike next week. with cross right around the corner, i have to build up a couple of bikes between now and august.



3 Responses to “continental bicycles and ira ryan cycles jerseys are here!”

  1. bikeiowa Says:


  2. Joel Says:

    Do you have any cycling caps still available? I would love to pick one up!

  3. Jon Wilks Says:

    Two questions.
    One are you able to ship (Cycle Cap) to the UK? and
    Two can they make the cap to fit a 63 (thats cm not inches)head?
    All the best,

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