just in case you forgot why we do this……

this is how i feel when i drink too much coffee and head towards the workshop. in the end it leads to some killer bikes and maybe, just maybe, the customer riding that new bike feels like the kid in the video. classic!

the word on the street is the rapha conti bikes are almost done at the paint shop and we should be assembling them in the next week or so. very exciting and we are looking forward to selling more bikes in the second batch. the conti bike is the perfect bike for 99% of the riding most people do and allows you to ride anywhere, anytime and over any rode. if you have any questions about the continental bicycle, don’t hesitate to ask or check out the website.

the new ira ryan cycles kit has landed in boulder and should be on its way to portland in the next week. i will be going over the list and sending out kit to everyone who has paid upfront. thanks for being patient and i would like to do another order in the fall once the jerseys are out and about for a couple of months. very exciting.


3 Responses to “just in case you forgot why we do this……”

  1. ronnie Says:

    fresh! looking forward to the new jersey!

  2. James Wilson Says:

    Can not believe how great that kid is. Going to watch this video every morning. Thanks for posting it. Hope you’re enjoying some nice-weather riding along with making people as excited as that little kid with their new bikes.

  3. Case Says:

    Going a little Brooklyn Chewing Gum on those kits aren’t you? Your middle name had better be De Vlaminck!

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