teamwork makes the dream work.

the sun is up at 5:30 these days and i have been up at 6 am ready to go for the day. breakfast, espresso and maybe a short ride before i head to work. the sun has been out the last couple of days and the grass is green. i remember an old farmer leaning over a tractor tire telling me how important it is to make hay while the sun shines. it is true for framebuilding also. it seems the sun brings out cyclist as much as it brings out the tender green leaves on the trees. all the cyclists locking up their bikes all have dopey grins on the faces and those pale legs are starting to get some color in them. the last couple of days have been nice enough to roll up the big door in the shop and let the sun shine in. the stale air of winter and dust is blown away and i am inspired to build bikes.

tony pereira and i have been hard at work getting the first batch of continental bikes done and off to paint. tony and i have always gotten along well and have been long time rapha continental riders. the rapha bicycle project has allowed us to take on a small batch production bike and we have both learned a lot about the process, our own building styles and how to make framebuilding more efficient.

both tony and myself live and build in north portland about 13 blocks away from each other so we always seem to be calling each other if we are in need of a tube or a misc braze on. this also means the conti bikes have an equal amount of time put in at each of our shops. tony raked and brazed the forks. i cut the crown races on my lathe. ira ryan cycles took care of the lug prep and also brazed the front ends together.

i hauled my tanks over to tony’s shop tuesday and with both torches going in two stands, we took care of brake bridges, chain stay bridges and some braze ons in a couple of hours. it is great to look over at a pile of freshly built bikes in the corner and know it took a couple of hours to make such good looking bikes.

we should be able to get them to paint on friday and they should be all built up in a few weeks just in time for the second order window to open. if you are interested in a conti bike for the fall, please check out the continental site.

over the weekend, matt, rachel and i rode to the coast to camp out with some friends in a yurt before riding back the next day. the weather was ok but we were looking forward to riding our naked fender-less bikes but alas, it was raining as we headed out of town for our adventure. with a big cup of coffee down, we rode west. the sun broke through in between rain showers and wind. it took us four and a half hours of riding to make it to the ocean. it was a fitting “team time trial” with the giro starting the day before with a team time trial as the prologue. somehow i think they were all going faster and wearing less rain gear.

by the time we got to tillamook, the sun was out and we had to stuff our rain gear under our jerseys because they wouldn’t fit in our pockets. it was a real domestique moment. ride all day, eat two dinners, enjoy a campfire on the beach and then off to bed to repeat the ride the next day is not a bad way to spend a weekend.

a couple updates. i am starting pete’s sloping top tube road bike today and should find some time early next week to finish up alex’s bike so i can get it off to paint. max from l.a., tom from new jersey and charlie p. are all up to bat. thank you for reading. tailwinds!


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