ira ryan cycles team shreds the gnar!

the season of shred is upon us and we are muddy, tired and happy to receive the fresh trail with open arms. we have a couple of mountain bike mondays under our belts and a few of us have already done more mountain bike races than road races. over the last couple weeks, kyle from 21st avenue bikes has put on the spring brake super d series at the sandy ridge trails and we finally made it out for the last one this past weekend. the trails were wet and very rocky but it was great to rally the trail. it happen to be the first race the whole ira ryan cycles team raced in. the top half of the trail was very snowy making the line easier to spot and follow. as long as your eyes followed the brown line of muck, you would be headed the right way. rocks and roots over the top half made for a slow time on my rigid bike and 2.3 tires. sandy ridge has to be one of the best purpose-built trails for bikes i have ever seen. all the berms were armored and fast on the bottom half making for a lot of hoots and hollers.

matt, rachel and i met up and drove out where we met up with ryan, india and j. pow. rachel ended up having a flat but rode back to the top for a second run down while matt had a bad fall and hit his hip taking a couple of minutes off his time. he was right behind me in the start house and i was sure he would have flown by me for sure but i made it down without seeing anyone. i had a good run and was happy to have not crashed on the rocks at the top. matt and i rode in the rigid category so i was happy to take second with matt in third. as tony p. would say, “pin it and relax!” ryan had a good run considering he was rocking the v-brake action on his one by one. jen also ride v-brake and had a good run as did india even though she wasn’t sure about this whole mountain bike thing at the top.

ryan and india both raced well in the banana belt series with india taking 3rd and ryan 6th overall. nice work!

the team is looking forward to the new kits and also stoked to have some great partners like corsa concepts wheels, portland design works and dumonde tech for this upcoming season of racing, riding and adventure. thanks to everyone who bought a ira ryan cycles jersey and i will let the world know when they hit the ground in portland. if all goes well, we can do another order in the fall for winter delivery.

in the shop, i am working on richard’s lugged winter road bike this week. i don’t do a lot of stainless bikes but i am looking forward to this on. sloping top tube, double oversized xcr and an edge fork with fender eyelets should prove to be light and sporty. i just finished a stem and porteur rack for mark’s ira ryan touring bike. a beautiful conversion to a proper upright city bike. i promise to get back to work but the riding fuels the craft which fuels the riding and on and on.


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