last call for ira ryan cycles jerseys!

it is cold again this week and the heater is almost out of fuel. seems a lot like my attitude towards racing too after getting crushed at the first banana belt road race and then the echo red to red mtn bike race last weekend. ouch is putting it mildly. hard to balance out being a full-time framebuilder and trying to stay in shape to race at a kind of fast level. maybe all those people with coaches and power meters are onto something? get back on the horse right? it’s still early and there’s plenty of bike riding and racing left before those long summer days turn into cyclo cross season.

the banana belts are always a good time and fast for a rainy, early season road race. jumped into the 3’s after a 20 minute ride on the trainer and 11 days driving, standing and showing in texas so my hopes were very low for a big win. it was sunny and dry so i was happy. i pulled a couple of times and made sure we kept racing instead of just riding along and then sprinting to the line. i got shelled but i felt good. it was also ryan, india and rachel’s first road race ever so it was great to see such enthusiasm for a new type of bicycle racing.

the echo red to red mountain bike race in north-central oregon was fast, dry and fun, until i cramped. 450 racers showed up and i got to ride my new mtn bike that i had at the show in austin. very exciting and it handled great with the front fork set to squish. my excuse for this race was i haven’t ridden a mtn bike since the creampuff in july. my back started to go and my anchor went out the back pretty fast. it was nice to race in short sleeves and without a rain jacket. mike at mudslinger really knows how to put on a race. thanks mike.

this week is the last call to place your order for ira ryan cycles kit that will be here in 6 weeks or so from vermarc. i have taken a bunch of orders for short sleeve jerseys and few for bib shorts. it has been a couple of years since i have ordered kit and i am happy to finally be able to make the jump to a quality design that will last for years. the jerseys are all short sleeve with a full zipper, three pockets that hold bottles, rain capes and found objects. the sizing runs a little small so if your small rapha jersey is a little tight order the med. if your med is a little loose, order a medium. the jerseys are $90 and available through my paypal page to the right ——->.

we are also trying to get together enough team folks for bib shorts and some long sleeve skinsuits for cross. the bibs will be black with ira ryan on the leg and will have a great chamois for long rides all season long. they are $125. the skinsuits are team design with sponsors down one arm but otherwise just like the jerseys. they are $210 and will be easy to spot this cross season. please let me know if you are interested in any of the kit. the order will go in this friday. thank you!




One Response to “last call for ira ryan cycles jerseys!”

  1. Jacob Winfield Says:

    That is a beautiful beautiful mtn bike!

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