the dust is settling

it seems like a lifetime ago when i last sat down and had a minute to write what i have been up to but i have a good excuse. myself and ben leonard drove a 24 foot penske (pete) to austin texas carrying 12 crates full of show bikes to the nahbs show a couple of weeks back. the show has grown huge and this year was the biggest yet. i mean you’re in texas right? the show should be huge. big yellow truck across a big f’n state for a giant handbuilt bike show. it only seems right. the show was good but a lot of work. i am sure the rest of the internet is still a buzz with photos, show reports and gossip. my little corner of that world can be found on my flickr page over here. i did not take a ton of photos of the show since it was largely uninspiring. i mean how many polished bike parts can one really take seriously. i always feel a little weird at the show since it is my goal to make a good bike the looks beautiful but is meant to be ridden. sure it’s a nice paint job but it will always look better with a little dirt on its tires.

i am back to work on brian’s road bike, richard’s stainless winter road bike and with any luck building up stephen’s italian machine later this week. thanks to all the great people who i got to meet at the show. it always feels better to be able to put a face and a handshake with a bike.


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