light at the end of the tunnel.

sometimes i feel like i live my life by proverbs and little clichés. most of the time they come out as “i am just putting one foot in front of the other” or “life is all about balance.” i wish i could be more creative but the light at the end of the tunnel is the best way to describe the madness and planning before the north american hand-built show every year. just a couple of weeks ago it still seemed like the show was months away but then before you could say “ice cold lone star,” it is next week! i am very excited to be going this year. last year in richmond, i got a chance to go to the show with rapha and had a blast talking to all the fine folks who i would have otherwise not seen all weekend because we are all chained to our ten foot parcel of rented concrete. i got to visit and even saw some bikes sell from it. after that trip, i wanted to up the ante and show again.

this year i am very happy to say it is the first year i have taken the show very seriously and made some killer bikes to display in my little corner of the madness. i am happy to say that i will be down in tay-haus representing ira ryan cycles and also portland’s great community of builders and bike industry hooligans.

the last week or so has seen more sawdust and paint in the shop than metal chips. matt and nate from signal have been over a couple of days building, painting, wall papering and scheming about their crate turned booth. seldom does my workshop feel abuzz with activity but it has lately and i like it. in addition to having shelled out for my own booth, i am happy to say that me and tony pereira’s continental bike will be on display in the rapha booth. this bike could be described as the evolution of tony and i’s countless miles as continental riders and also builders for the project. rapha will be showing the premier of the continental film on thursday night before the show. it will be good for sure.

as a last-ditch effort to enjoy some time in the saddle before the real crazy time started, i put on two king kong classic rides over the last two weeks. something that started out as a long slog of winter miles has turned into a great route with good friends and fast riders. the weather was dry but overcast for the last two sundays so the riders really came out of the woodwork to chat and blow the cobwebs out of their lungs. i didn’t do a precise count but i am sure we had at least 40 riders take part. a good-sized group of ladies, some retired pros and a bunch of fast local riders contested some spring time county line sprints. i forgot my camera last week but i would love to post some picks if anyone has any.

spring riding means racing is starting soon. not to be too late for summer rides, i am taking orders for the new ira ryan cycles jerseys until mid march. i am very happy with how these have turned out. i designed them with the help of strelka here in portland and they will be made by vermarc. they are the short sleeve tvx jersey with a full length hidden zipper. black and white design goes with anything while retaining a timeless style. i am taking pre-orders through the website and should see them by late april. please note the vermarc does run a little small so order accordingly. if you wear a med rapha jersey, order a large ira ryan cycles jersey.

see you in texas!


2 Responses to “light at the end of the tunnel.”

  1. R. King Says:

    My small handful of photos from 2/6 are up on flickr. I thought it might be more fun to sit up and take some pictures on the 13th rather than chase the hotshots at the front like I did last week. Those photos are coming soon…

  2. R. King Says:

    Photos from KKC II up on Flickr.

    Photo of the Photo

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