king kong classic!

the roadies are all out logging time in the saddle. watts and heart rates are measured. the season of skinny tired bikes is fast approaching.there will be two klassic rides in feburary. feb. 6th and feb. 13th. meet at the downtown stumptown cafe and be ready to leave at 9am sharp. we will ride out to the start.

the king kong classic is a training ride using some of the greatest cycling roads just outside puddle-town. the route is the same as last year with big climbs, a lttle gravel and some twisty country lanes.

king kong classic is, fendered road bikes, raincapes, helmets (hairnets work too), 4 hours in the rain, fixing your own flats, 700×25 or wider, embrocation, good espresso, gusting crosswinds, tired but happy smiles, pulling through because it makes you stronger, a sense of adventure, patched up booties and downtube shifters.


12 Responses to “king kong classic!”

  1. Kevin Wagoner Says:

    Where is this?

  2. iraryanbicycles Says:

    this is groveland rd. on a rainy spring ride a couple years back.

  3. Johnny Says:

    You don’t have a mapmyride route I can plug into the Garmin do you?

  4. William Says:

    That = pain and a ton of fun. See you next weekend!

  5. Evan Says:

    by downtown stumptown this means the one on 3rd??

  6. iraryanbicycles Says:

    yes. 3rd ave and not the ace.

  7. Cort Says:

    Has the location for this Sunday changed? Heard rumor of such. Or, is it still at Stumptown?

  8. sean rees Says:

    any one have a ballpark idea of round trip time for the KKC? Want to let the family know just how long I’ll be gone!

  9. Sean Says:

    I naively thought that there might have been regrouping for dropped riders. I have no idea what the route ended up being, if possible could someone let me know? I’d like to go back and be able to see what I missed! Thanks

  10. iraryanbicycles Says:

    the route was marked on the road before each turn and ended up being about 15 miles from portland to the start, 22 miles for the route and 15 miles back to portland.
    officially it begins at the county line on old cornelious pass rd. headed south.
    you should go back and check it out again. it’s a great route.

  11. Jerry Says:

    Rode the initial 15 miles and then turned off to do my own thing at Rock Creek Tavern. Was kinda bummed to miss the race section (not really ready to race) but glad to know the course is marked. Thanks!

  12. NYC Velo News Says:

    […] I wrapped up my trip with Ira Ryan’s King Kong Classic ride I was happily surprised that I stuck a solo break in no-man’s land just behind the four […]

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