ira ryan cycles media blast!

shop time has been productive lately and yesterday saw another great bike leave the shop under a very happy customer from washington state. mike has been one of my favorite people to build a bike for. over the year or so since mike has had his order in, he has sent me the greatest letters and photos detailing the paint scheme and final build for his bike. he was smiling ear to ear when he walked into the shop and saw his new ride. years ago, i would have been nervous about someone being speechless, but now it confirms that i have done my job well. it is also a good sign when they ride off around the corner looking like a 12-year-old kid. the bike fit perfect and looks great. it came back from a short test ride with some mud on the spotless paint job which just adds to the beauty.

besides mike’s bike, it has also been a busy week for the ira ryan cycles on the in-tar-nets. the rapha bicycle collection has been very well received with the continental bike has sparked a lot of interest. of all of the bikes in the rapha bicycle collection i like to think the continental bicycle is the most honest of them all. hand-built by two great portland builders and designed to ride year round in any condition over any road condition. our friend brian over at washingmachinepost has written up a great article about the collection. very smart writing for sure. thank you brian.

on a more regional scale, josh at the wrote a short post about ira ryan cycles for his new site. thanks for the story josh and i am happy to included among such esteemed bike community sweethearts like sally from raleigh, kent from issaquah and craig from seattle.  it makes you appreciate being a cyclist amongst so many good people. i look forward to reading more from


i am currently working on a new jersey design for the release in the coming months. i have been working on a new design and will be taking preorders in a next month or so. the jerseys will be made by vermarc and will be the classic black and white design with a twist. the new design will also be on the skinsuit and maybe shorts for the ira ryan cycles cyclocross team for 2011. ordering team or club kits is a very expensive endeavour so preordering the kit will be the only way to get the ball rolling. while the jerseys will be more expensive they will no doubt be much better quality. i will write a post and let the world know when the order will happen. please email me and let me know if you are interested. the jerseys will be short sleeve, full zipper and will sell for around $100.

it is 4 weeks to the nahbs show in texas and i am refining the bikes that i will be showing. the latest nahbs newsletter has a q&a with ira ryan cycles too that is pretty good if i do say so myself. i am very excited to have some beautiful bikes to show and to catch up with some friends in austin. i have a few shirts for sale from years past that i want to clear out before i order more for the show. if you want one please let me know. i have 7 smalls, 1 medium and 2 extra larges to sell. they are $12 each with shipping.





6 Responses to “ira ryan cycles media blast!”

  1. Dale Says:

    How does one go about ordering the shirts you allude to in the post?

  2. iraryanbicycles Says:

    email me and i will let you know if i have it in stock.
    if you send me a check for $12, i will send you a shirt the next day.

    7 small, 1 medium and 2 xl’s left.

  3. selden daume Says:

    hey ira
    would love that med shirt if you still got it. ill send you some cake, whats the address mine is selden daume 1333 sherwood st missoula mt 59802.
    love the conti bike. its for all day every day, perfect. keep kickin ass

  4. iraryanbicycles Says:

    it’s all yours!

  5. Jonathan Says:

    Aw, dang! Beat me to the last medium! Probably for the better – I wanna make sure I’ll have dollars for one of those ill jerseys.

    I second what the other folks are saying about the Conti bike. I have been double-rainbowing that thing since it was announced – though, in all fairness, I can say that about most any handmade bike that’s well thought-out and made to be ridden and not treated like a mantlepiece. Hoping for one my own someday…

    Have fun in Austin!

  6. Evie Says:

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