new year thoughts

2010 is long gone and 2011 is here to stay. while 2010 has been up and down for a lot of reasons, it proved to be a good one for my little bicycle building company. 2010 saw a good jump in the number of cross bikes i built for racers in the northwest and also around the country. dan from s.f. has just finished a great season on his new cross bike and sent along some photos of him in action. while matt hall, rachel and myself made a good showing in cross racing this year, i also raced a few road races and did some mountain bike races including the cascade creampuff. looking to 2011 should be even better with a chance to ride in this upcoming paris-brest-paris in france in the fall. one of my loose new year goals is to ride at least one century a month to prepare for the 1200k beast in august. in addition to this big adventure, i am also happy to be able to race in some local road and mountain bike races.

despite the cold workshop and damp weather, there have been some beautiful machine leaving the shop in the last couple weeks. while some of these bikes will be seen in the ira ryan cycles booth in nahbs in 8 weeks (eek!) some are already out rolling around under some happy riders in portland. here is a photo of someone snapping a photo of a fresh road bike in front of the stumptown annex in southeast portland.

not only am i flattered that a bike i built is good-looking enough for someone to take snapshot but he actually set his coffee down on the dirty sidewalk to take said picture. thanks to chip for sending the photo and also for being such a great guy to build a bike for.

chip’s bike has polished stainless lugs, a polished fork crown and stainless seat stay caps that set off the ultra dark blue powder. built up with campy chorus 10 speed and a silver chris king wheelset. stunning.

the show is going to be big this year and as much as it costs, i am excited to have a booth along side a handful of other portland builders. once all the stress of getting the bikes together, building the crate, paying for all the t-shirts and getting to the show is over, it is great to see some old friends and other builders who have all poured themselves into their bikes to make the show turn out.

i have used some of this momentum with the show and my fresh outlook for 2011 to also update my website. while i am not a computer whiz i have updated some info and also would like to keep directing folks looking for the latest and greatest bikes to keep an eye on my flickr page. thank you for checking in.

on the build sheet next is a fillet brazed mountain bike frame, a xcr stainless steel winter trainer bike and a very italian styled lugged road bike built up with campy record.

a little off topic but of note is matt hall’s new drawing blog where he is doing one drawing a day for a year. matt is a great artist and his drawings are quiet good. please check it out here.

here’s to a new and happy 2011. tailwinds!


4 Responses to “new year thoughts”

  1. BB Says:

    Damn! A guy can’t even stop to snap a pic of a nice bike without getting caught. Despite being a die hard coffee drinker, you can see what my priorities are. That’s 2 lbs of Stumptown Hairbender on the ground next to my cup.


  2. 30thcentury Says:

    A good year to you and yours Ira, and that means no less because it happens to include us.

    The bikes are looking fine!

  3. EmK Says:

    Hope to see you in Paris! (Chris is hoping to ride the PBP this year too, and I’m hoping to come along). I’m still loving my mixte!

    Emily in Seattle

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