mike’s bike and winter solstice

i finished up mike’s lugged road bike this week and it can be seen here before it heads down to coat for a stealthy black paint job. mike came to ira ryan cycles looking for a classy bike to replace his ill-fitting bianchi cross bike that he uses for everything. he has sent me many photos of his cross bike covered in mud, not from a cross race but from his local road rides in washington state. very nice work mike and i am looking forward to supplying your roadie adventures with a bike that has all the class of an italian stead with the features and technology of a modern road bike.

mike’s bike was the first to get the new drop-outs that i recently picked up from the laser cutters. that’s right, lasers! they turned out great and i love the crisp and simple look they give the bike.

it has been raining all day. actually, it has been raining for a couple of days now and i can just make it to the shop door without the stepping-stones on the path sinking into the mud. arg. this is why we are a hearty lot, right? feel free to insert webbed feet and gill comment here but i don’t mind it. coffee tastes better and it makes you want to use the torch that much more. we have been doing more crafty afterhours stuff since it is getting dark so early. the season of hibernation for sure.

i have decided to take some time off the bike and focus on bikes in the shop for the next month. today i sat down and went through the 2011 calendar and realized just how soon nahbs will be here. i am stoked to be headed to austin for the show this feburary but i have a lot of work to do before the show in tay-haus. show bikes just don’t build themselves. looking forward to seeing some great folks and showing off a handful of beautiful bikes in a couple of months.



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