king kong classic and update

everyone seems to be burned out and i blame the closing cyclocross season for it all. the pent-up tension of training and racing has finally caught up with everyone who has been killing themselves for a spot on the podium. i blame this and a general over dose of turkey for the turnout on the king kong classic this past saturday.

i am not complaining since i too am a bit tired of the conversations about watts and racing and stoked to be just riding with some friends on a foggy portland day. we were 9 strong leaving the coffee shop freshly caffeinated to climb the west hills making our way to the “start.” consider it the tour of lombardia edition of the k.k.c. complete with some colder and wetter weather. the pace was mellow as none of us really wanted to kill it but we rolled at a good clip. the route took us up logie trail with its rolling ups and downs making it hard to keep a constant tempo.

there is something great about climbing into a cloud on a bicycle. i am refusing to use the word “epic” as it is way overused but the images are beautiful once you have sweated and pedaled your way up to the top of a big hill. one of the big reasons why the king kong classic happens (and is a classic in my opinion) is for the roads, the views and the varied terrain you cover. sure it’s great to have a fast training ride where everyone rides home tired and high from being a “winner” at some silly sign on a quiet  back road but the route is a perfect example of the roads that lie in our backyard.

as much as racer types are apolitical, it is important to remember that a lot of these roads are in constant threat of being developed, widened, straightened and otherwise ruined in the name of “progress.”  i encourage some awareness as to the roads that we all love to ride on as cyclists cause if we take them for granted, they won’t be there in the future. is fighting the good fight.

ok, i am off the soapbox.

meanwhile, back at the workshop, it has been a busy week despite an armload of frames heading to paint. i finished up griz’s frame and have it ready for paint. a lugged road bike with an edge fork painted to match. very fast and stiff. a classic ira ryan bicycle if i don’t say so myself. i am working on mike’s lugged road bike with a lugged fork and matching fillet brazed stem now and should be ready to head to paint next week. mike is one of those people who sends me some amazing mail complete with collages, actual photographs and hand drawn notes about his bike. i love it.

jose’s bike is being built with a slant 6 lugset and edge fork. it is hard to deny the perfection of this style of road bike. bigger tubing, nice proportions with an overall balanced look to the whole machine with modern parts. it performs great too.

i recently had a handful of dropouts laser cut and i am excited to use them in some upcoming bikes. i have always liked the crisp look of laser cut dropouts but have resisted using them since it seemed like every other builder was using some blinged out stainless dropouts and it wasn’t my style. i want a shape that looks clean and works well. they weren’t cheap but nothing that works well and is quality is cheap.


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