offerings to the gods of cyclocross.

here are a couple pictures that autumn peterson took of the Ira Ryan Cycles cross racing action over the last month or so. lots of mud, a little dust and that deep down cough that comes with trying to keep the legs going fast for an hour.

i struggle as to use the word “team” when it is really just matt hall, rachel and myself flying the mono-chromatic kit during the bike racing season but it is shaping up to be a good time racing and riding together.

we want to thank the folks that have helped us and our bikes roll smoothly over the last couple years. namely, Chris King for making some bulletproof hubs, headsets and bottom brackets. i have raced my cross hubs for two years straight and haven’t touched them (i am not a model mechanic in that way) before this year. upon opening them up, they needed nothing but a little triflow on the drive splines and they have been rolling light and fast since.

Full Speed Ahead has also been great with bars, stems, some sick sl-k canti brakes and seatposts that hold up to the rigors of northwest mud and rain. while they also sponsor the regulars on the podium, the fsa parts have held up for a couple years (again with less than frequent attention to cleaning).

we are planning on some big things for next year (not sponsoring any pro-tour teams or anything but…..) and hoping to add a few likeminded folks to the roster. drinking espresso, riding bikes and kickin’ ass.

also on the plans for this winter and next season is to order some new Ira Ryan Cycles kit. if anyone is interested, i would prefer to see how much of a preorder we can get together because of the big expense to make a minimum order. it will most likely be styled the same or similar and from a reputable kit supplier. there is no substitute for quality and i have found a good fitting kit is well worth the money (thank you rapha for raising the bar).


3 Responses to “offerings to the gods of cyclocross.”

  1. Joe Fox Says:

    Sounds like all is well out west. The gravel bike is still rolling strong, thanks again! Mark me down for a bib and jersey when the time comes. My old one is wearing thin.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Hey Ira — long-time listener, first-time caller here. Though I don’t have one of your bikes(yet!), I would be down for getting a kit so’s I can represent to the fullest when the big day arrives!

    Got a couple of decent-ish(if slightly out of focus) shots from PIR that I took with my new mud/water-proof camera up my Flickr page – plus a shot I took en route with my phone that I think you and any of your followers would particularly enjoy. Just click on my name up there.

    Wish I could be getting my spectate on over in H-boro right now… darn these adult responsibilities.

    Cheers, sir!

  3. kyle Says:

    I’d love to get a kit when you’re ready to order. Please let me know.

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