better late than never, right?

it seems that the last couple weeks have been slammed with some quick trips out-of-town to ride levi’s gran fondo in santa rosa with rapha continental, finishing up a handful of really solid bikes just in time for the cooler fall weather and had some time in the mornings to get out for some cyclo cross training rides with matt hall and ryan king. i have been wanting to sit down and write up some details from the adventures and work sessions and am just now finding the time now. sadly, i missed the oregon hand-built bike show a couple of weeks back but i heard it was blast and drew some local builders out of their caves to drink some beer and show off their fancy bicycles. i was in the back of the giant sprinter van heading south to ride with 6000 other bikers, most of whom were riding plastic bikes, on levi’s 103 mile ride over king’s ridge north of the bay in northern california.

we got to town a day early to visit a little party that some local builders put together to show off the bikes they were riding the next day on the gran fondo. the weather was great, the roads were fantastic (once the crowds thinned out) and the rapha conti squad killed it by rolling fast and getting to talk to a bunch of great people on the ride. it is always like a little reunion of sorts when we get together for a ride. the ride home felt like a strange hangover but it probably had something to do with the whiskey around the campfire for 3 days in a row.

the long time in the saddle in cali was very different from the cross rides that are lung-splitting but short but matt hall, ryan king and i have been meeting twice a week for some early morning cross rides. ryan is finally racing and riding his new ira ryan cross bike with some very different graphics on the downtube. the metal font is a special case and not standard issue but i do like it. it seems to be working as he killed it last weekend in the virgin race where he stormed his way to 6th in the b’s field. i opted to ride an ira ryan single speed and had a blast racing in a t-shirt and just having fun. i rode to 16th place and smiled the whole way. matt and rachel rode well and finished strong. looking forward to pir this week with a big storm coming in to make for wet and cold cross racing.

last weekend was also the builders garage sale which went very well. i wasn’t sure if anyone would show up but people showed early as tony and sacha and i were setting up. our old parts were flying off the tables and we all gained some space in our shops. sacha brought a whole box of misprinted socks, tony had the best selection of prototype edge carbon riser bars and i sold a pile of rapha gear to anyone close to my size. i still have a set of kooka brake levers in purple if you are interested but most of the other goodies are gone.

i updated my flickr page with some photos of all of the adventures that i have mentioned above for those of you with more keyboard time to burn. enjoy.


2 Responses to “better late than never, right?”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Oh Kooka, how I miss you. But YOU broke, not me!

    All sounds good Ira, you have inspired me to write something on my blog.


  2. Atomkinder Says:

    Whoa! I would totally take those levers off of you, depending on price! This is Neal from Weir’s, so if you’ve still got ’em drop me a line at the shop.

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