bike shows!

ira ryan cycles has a long running saying that life is like a cyclo cross race. just when you start to feel like you have some legs and are making forward momentum in the race of life, up pops a barrier or a run up. this week has been good and i have been happy to wake up to chilly mornings and spend more time behind the bench working on chip’s stainless road bike. cooler mornings somehow translates to not being pulled outdoors for riding which is good because bikes never seem to build themselves.

the fall does not mean a rest at all though. this weekend is a buzz with the obca bike show that should be well attended in portland. i mean you can’t swing a dead cat in portland without hitting a frame builder, right? (for the record i love cats and would never swing one but i do love the saying) i had some beers with tony p. last night and i am sure his bikes at the show will draw some attention.

i am not attending the show because i will be headed down to levi’s gran fondo in santa rosa to ride with the conti squad and also will be “showing” my bike in a bay area builders get together friday before the event. the motley crew will be drinking some beers at the sycip headquarters in santa roas. the event info can be found at the gran la fonda website. if you are in the bay area, please drop by and say hello.


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2 Responses to “bike shows!”

  1. hector Says:

    Love to ride bikes for they are good for the health and it is a great way to have adventures.

  2. Robert Says:


    I hardly recognized you with all that hair! – thought maybe you had a stunt frame building double hired for the picture, but upon closer inspection it appears to actually be you? Well this is certainly a potentially more practical style for what the weather guys (what do they really know) say will be a cold winter here in stumptown. So maybe ice on the roads to contend with again and then maybe the best part is that downtown gets snowed in and we can own the roads on our bikes with studs and knobbies like we did a few years ago when everyone was hiding out at home trying to figure out how to get their cars down the driveway.

    The orange “Great Pumpkin” Rando Bomber is still functioning like a never gonna crap out Chevy pickup and is especially in its element this time of year. Got to love a bike that still has the magic fits me like a pair of worn in Carharts every time I jump on the saddle.


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