a good review.

this is what graz sent to me after he got a race in on his new cross bike. even if the paint scheme isn’t very classic, it looks great and i wanted to post his write up on the blog. enjoy and if you are in town on october 16th, please drop by the workshop for a portland frame builder’s swap meet/ garage sale. buy some bike parts and have a beer and help us clean out our shelves of bike parts.

“yo dude

so you asked for it, so here it be……..(disclaimer i have no understanding of punctuation)….had to race her first but i’m ready to give my not so judge judgment.

first of all she is the best looking machine out there. people have road up next to me to check her out…….which lets face it is not why we ride but its always nice to be the guy dotting on his new toy.
A fucking plus.
the ride. so up until yesterday she felt fast. like my steel toe/ nail stopper boots.  work with no thought needed. drop jump run smash. the perfect tool. her stance is dead on as if its a prosthetic. you didnt give me the spec’s but the tail is tucked under like a scolded dog whimpering in the corner. ashamed but in perfect control. she be my “bunny” and not just the mad amounts of sex but she feels as if she wants me to jump her.  and that i do. alot. “steel is real” has been said alot but she is nice at cruising speed but get her wound up like a crack head on the 1st and she turned grass fields to pavement. amazing
A fucking plus

so all i got is respect”

thanks graz!


5 Responses to “a good review.”

  1. T$ Says:

    I think Graz has been drinkin’/ and I think I need a new bike. See you this weekend.

  2. Ari Says:

    said from the heart.

  3. Margi Says:

    A unique bike for a unique man = a perfect fit.

    Graz has the uncanny writing ability to weave together truisms, clichés, sexual innuendos and descriptive analogies, with no reverence to grammar or punctuation. Said by anyone else in any other way, it would be offensive. A second read is usually necessary to realize that underneath those words is a brilliant guy with a big heart.

  4. iraryanbicycles Says:

    i had to reread his review twice to not be offended and three times before posting it on the blog.

  5. R. King Says:

    Saw Graz with his sick whip at the bike wash after the Rainier race. Dude’s stoked.

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