framebuilder garage sale!

i would go on about how busy it has been around the shop with cross bikes and fendered road bikes coming off the frame jig, but it seems like i complain about busy this or busy that too often. all in all i am happy to be busy when a good number of people are busy looking for work. portland seems to have fared better than a lot of places in the states and i am happy to call ira ryan cycles part of a growing force in the bike industry. i still love building bikes and making people’s adventures materialize with the use of a kick ass, handbuilt bicycle.

recently, i sent off jack’s road bike to minnesota where he is happily riding it over some beautiful gravel roads this fall. next up to bat is chip’s stainless lugged road bike and then griz’s winter trainer road machine. i still love building with lugs. the lines, the geometry and the mix of modern parts hung on a classically styled bike makes my heart thump a little louder.

onto the title of the post now. for a while i have wanted to host an open shop event in my not-so-new workshop space but just haven’t been able to get around to it. tony p., matt cardinal and i have talked about having a get together when we all realized that we all have boxes of miscellaneous new and used parts that we want to get rid of. sacha and a handful of other builders are all on board to get some tables and put on a framebuilder’s garage sale on saturday, october 16th from noon to 6 or 7pm.

i agreed to host the event and we are working on a keg or two of beer that will be free when you buy something from one or more builders. buy a pair of pedals, get a ticket for a beer. buy a crankset, get a ticket for beer. buy a frame, get a couple of tickets. i can only speak for the parts i have in stock but i want to sell sram cranksets, some chainrings, seatposts and stems. i also have a 55cm fixed gear frame and fork for sale alongside a whole rack of rapha gear (some new, some used). everything will be priced to move cause none of us wants to take anything home.

hopefully, the weather will hold out so we can enjoy the beer, bikes and the last days of sunshine.

oh ya, cross has started and this deserves it’s own post that i will be getting to this next week. matt hall, rachel and myself raced (alongside a bunch of other fast people) last weekend at the battle of barlow and while rachel and matt hall had good rides in the mud, i had a less than stellar performance which i blame on too much work and too little riding. the cross crusade starts this weekend with alpenrose and most likely 1500 people showing up to race around the portland dairy.


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