ira ryan cycles sponsors greatest gravel brevet ever!

well, maybe that is pushing it a little too far but our dear friends over at 30th century bikes in iowa city, iowa have put together a gritty gravel road brevet that will be happening on september 26th in iowa city. g. pickle, cody and i have been friends for a long time and g. pickle raced and finished the first trans-iowa race back in the day in addition to having been around the block on a couple of gravel rides in the heartland, so you know it will be a hoot to ride on some hand picked gravel routes. i can’t say what the other swag is but we will be sending some caps and t-shirts for the event. i heard a rumor that a certain iowa-native radioshack pro will also ride the gritty brevet. star studded for sure.

if you are looking for some pointers on how to ride in comfort on the gritty brevet you might want to check out these tips.

it has been a very busy week with four eleven hour days in a row making bikes and getting ready for the cross season closing in fast. i have most of the emergencies taken care of and am busting my butt to get a cross bike ready in time to get to the paint shop. lugged with one of the last real edge carbon cross forks. very exciting. chip’s stainless lugged road bike and travis all season road bike are in the works. i will be picking up jack’s road bike tomorrow and should have his bike build and ready to ship this next week. it seems the harder i work, the more i love what i do. living the dream.

i have wanted to write a long dedicated post about rachel and i’s cycle tour to san fransisco a couple weeks ago but there is just so much that i am still excited about that it is hard to narrow it down to one post. in short, we had a blast and it feels great to be worn out from riding 8 days straight but refreshed from the pace.

we covered 740 miles in 8 days with loaded touring bikes tipping the scales at about 65 lbs each. the northern california hills take their toll on you body with that combination. we had good weather day two onward but rode 50 miles in rain to get the fun going. camp, ride, eat, repeat. the redwoods are amazing. some sections of norcal are creepy. the ocean is beautiful. meeting cycle tourist who have been riding for 16 months around the world is rad. bears are scary. getting a private tour of sfmoma from my uncle in sf rules. rapha knickers and wool is ideal for bike tours on the coast. our sick msr tent is comfy and lightweight (thanks ian and wend magazine). building bikes that can be pedaled all over the world with all your gear is the best thing ever.

please check out my photos of the tour here and rachel posted her’s here. enjoy.


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