apples and oranges

two bikes for two different types of riding. graz’s bike is still waiting for a few bits to finish it out but it turned out great with a great paint job and some solid parts to make it a fast cross bike. the sram wheels are clinchers and we are waiting for the tubs to come in for the cross season around the corner. lugged with a wound up fork. fast, classic and light. it always makes me a little sad to know that this is the cleanest this bike will ever look. race machines rarely stay pristine.

i love bikes after they get a little dirt under their nails. ride it!

jeffrey’s rando bike is all day happiness in the saddle. working with jeffrey on this bike has rekindled the passion i have for long, slow rides to explore the horizon in any direction. late summer is upon us as people get back from vacation and get ready to head back to work or school.

rachel and i are taking a week off to make the most of the shorter days before the turn to soggy, cold rides and hot coffee sessions this winter. we are planning to tour to san fransisco next tuesday to visit some friends and family. riding down the pacific coast is a great tour with plenty of camping and great views of the ocean at sunset. if you ever get a chance to visit the oregon coast, i highly recommend it.

i will be out of the workshop until the 11th of september to enjoy what we all love about the act of riding a bike all day long. i will be in contact with the world with a cell phone and trying to tweet as much as i can.

with the cyclo cross season just over the barriers, i am feeling the push of cross bikes in the shop. talk of which tubulars to order and trying to finish up a few cross bikes before the season gets into full speed. in addition to some winter training road bikes in the cue, i will be building a couple cross bikes in the next month.



2 Responses to “apples and oranges”

  1. graz Says:

    when can i pick her up??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. 30thcentury Says:

    Have a nice tour, that is such a beautiful ride!

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