fixies for sale!

the kind folks down at 21st ave. bikes in north west portland are rad people. while it is a real shop and not just a bike store, they bust their butts to make some happy customers every day. a couple years ago, i retired a track frame from the velodrome and decided to have it repainted with a fancy paint job i have been thinking about for a long time. i added a road fork so it could be fitted with a front brake making it street legal. it has sat in the window for a long time and now it it time to move it on. it is up for sale for $1500 for the frame, fork and chris king headset installed.

this bike was the 38th bike i built and built for a sponsored racer in portland. i think it may have won a race at alpenrose but can’t say for certain. the frame has a sloping top tube and a massive downtube making it stiff and fast. seat tube measures 51 cm center to center with a effective top tube of 55cm. tubing is deda zero with a tange carbon fork painted to match. if you are interested in this bike, it is down at 21st ave. in portland. i am asking $1500 and please email me if you have any questions.

i also heard it through the grape vine that another ira ryan fixie is on the block in p-town today. patrick is selling his fixed geared city bike on craiglist and the obra list. it is lugged, beautiful and was the 14th bike i built in st. johns. patrick’s bike has a swallow cut into the bottom bracket shell. it would be great if this bike went to a good home.


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