striking while the iron is hot.

it could be hot because it is summer, it could be hot because the torch and files have been working hard or it could just be a saying that i have been saying a lot lately. i took some time last week and finished up some projects in the shop to make it look a little more presentable and will be a little warmer in the cold winter months. it feels better and will work a little easier in the long run. i also tracked down a good used wilton machinist vise that i am working on making into my new workbench anchor. it seems that everyone likes to talk about how a good tool is priceless and after going through a large tool box full of second-rate tools, i can say it is true that you get what you pay for. in addition to the new vise and hustling to get jeffrey’s bike to the painters in time, i also found a great 1970’s era stereo at the goodwill and have it wired up to a couple big speakers i also found at goodwill earlier. a good loud stereo is crucial for those late nights when i have had too much espresso during the day. all of this adds up to working smarter instead of harder. there should be something said about working louder too.

looking at the calendar, the summer if more than half over and the rapha gentleman’s race is fast approaching right ahead of the oregon stampede and me and rachel’s short tour to s.f. it seemed like july was months away and everyone was talking about all the big summer plans and then to find ourselves starting august like a time trial start ramp. last summer took me to europe twice to ride and race and this summer has been the opposite with regards to riding. now the time has come to cram for the final and try to pack on as much time on the bike as possible. if i can ride 4 hours a week and have a good ride at the creampuff, what do i have to worry about right? eeeek.


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