short wednesday post

the tour de france is rolling along, the weather in portland is hot and sunny and i am off to race the cascade creampuff this upcoming weekend. the creampuff is a 100 mile mountain bike race in oakridge oregon on some of the best trails in the pacific northwest. i have not ridden as much as i would have liked to to train for the race but i am going in with a good attitude and will be happy to race upto and down the alpine trail 3 times.


3 Responses to “short wednesday post”

  1. Baruch Brodersen Says:

    cool vid. Makes me homesick for the Pacific NW

  2. Caroline Says:

    OMG you is crazy! Though after finally riding Oakridge a couple weeks ago, I can see how climbing the forest roads are worth the gorgeous descents. Good luck!

  3. matt hall Says:

    Quit slackin’ Ira, and update your blog……The people wanna hear how you crushed the Creampuff and were given the honorary title “King of Oakridge” by the mayor.
    It’s been three days…

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