new caps on the way!

i have been working with caroline over at little package to make a new and improved batch of caps that should be ready in a month or so. up until now i have silk screened every cap that has left the shop but as much as i love the “everyone is done on my kitchen table” style, i need to streamline the process to make more time behind the workbench in the workshop. in addition to batching them out and having a local shop screen the panels, the graphics are more detailed, a little bolder and look classy. the new caps will still be black with a white stripe and white ink. $40 will still get you the best cycling cap you will ever buy but it will be a little sportier.

this whole streamlining idea is part of the “2010: working smarter, not harder” concept that i have been striving towards since late last year. ironically, it seems that one has to work much harder to get the point where one can work smarter. shop efficiency, work flow and keeping regular hours in the shop are all parts of the greater goal to making beautiful bikes a little smoother. honestly, i am not a factory worker by nature so i love letting myself go and sculpting lugs to a razor-sharp edge. having a schedule, a dedicated order process and keeping track of hours doesn’t come naturally but it makes for a better bike in the end. while every ira ryan bicycle has a consistent style, no two bikes are the same. when i started building bicycles, i was impressed with the artisan craft but as i have continued to build bikes, the process of building beautiful machines efficiently has moved to the focus of my time in the shop.

i still have a couple caps left  in the old style that are for sale. cheers.


5 Responses to “new caps on the way!”

  1. 30thcentury Says:

    Work harder too, dammit!

  2. dpow Says:

    I hear you on doing the screening yourself, fun and fulfilling but oh so time consuming.

  3. Vincent Fann Says:

    Hello Ira,
    I am a Rapha fans and so impresed by you cycling cap.
    If you could ship to Taiwan, I’d like to pay you by paypal.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vincent Fann

  4. Shinichi Says:

    I’m interested in your new caps and also old ones.
    Could you send them to Japan?

    I tried to send you an email, but couldn’t find your email address.
    Please email me.

  5. DK Says:

    Is “Ira Ryan Cycles cycling caps” still available?
    I can pay via paypal, but I don’t know it is available or not.

    Please contact me

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