pink 29r!

just finished and shipped out heather’s pink 29r single speed which she will be campaigning in the 2010 tour divide in the coming months. very excited to have built a bike for her as i had a chance to ride with her in the 2009 cent cols challenge. she has raced and placed in the top 3 of the three peaks cyclo cross race in northern england a handful of times. tough as nails.

in the stand is mike’s bb30 road bike and should be finished for paint this week. dan’s cross bike is ready to send out to sf and i should be getting stu’s porteur bike together in the coming week or so.

the rain is pouring down and i am not riding the otto miller ride today to stay dry and finish some bike work. warm+dry+espresso+filing=happiness.


2 Responses to “pink 29r!”

  1. 30thcentury Says:

    Always knew you would do the Tour Divide someday!

  2. Jeff Cozad Says:

    Ira – Sweet looking bike! One of these days…

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