tuesday vtt adventure post

not that i don’t have anything to write about in the shop cause i do. dan’s cross bike is done and being built up with parts including a sweeeeet king wheel set, trp brakes, sram force and fizik saddle. should be in the box and ready to ship this week if everything goes well. i have mike’s road frame in the jig and ready to braze and michael’s classic disc all-rounder is next. heather’s 29r single speed is at paint and hopefully will be here this week in time to send to her in the uk so she can shred the gnar after a proper english breakfast. we have more bikes at coat than usual which i guess means we have been busy cranking them out. it is hard to feel like anything gets done when your list of bikes to build is 15 months long! slow and steady. it’s a lot like an endurance adventure where every pedal stroke adds up, eventually.

last weekend was the first of the rapha continental rides in california. we piled into the van on thursday for a long 7 hour drive to humbolt county where we rode with some portland folks on the tour of the unknown coast. even though it is in the same state as death valley and los angles, the terrain and beauty of northern cali is unbelievable. starting a little behind the official time of 7 am, we rolled out 15 deep and made quick work of the first half of the century with 9400 feet of climbing. camping out made it hard to miss the owls, ravens and other birds who weren’t so quiet around our tents but we rose to find a great sunrise burning off the fog from the coast.

i kept having flashbacks to europe as tony p. and the crew rolled along. panther pass is a great climb at a couple of miles with switchbacks and smooth pavement. the other side was full of loose gravel and potholes but everyone had a grin at the bottom. it opened up to the coast line and 8 miles of headwind before hitting “the wall” and 10+ miles of endless hills afterwards. we finished our century in about 6 hours and 20 minutes of riding time before looking for showers, beers and ice cream.

rachel left for durango this week for a 4 day tour on mountain bikes with 3 time (24hr, solo, single speed) world champ, steve fassbinder, aka dr. d00m. she will be riding her sweet ira ryan mountain bike with rigid front fork and rear rack to carry her gear.

she is headed to the last area in the u.s. to be mapped and also where a climber had to hack off his own arm with a pocket knife years ago. talk about epic. i think mountain biking and touring are the new fixed gear. i am just sayin’.

speaking of mountains and ira ryan cycles i thought these photos needed to be made public. enjoy.

dp from pdw on top of st. helens

2008 tour of california


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    nice trip

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