tuesday evening post

spent some time building in the shop while mike davis made pictures of ira ryan cycles in action. it was great to chat about midwest living, the idea of analog in a digital world and some portland cycle cross longing. mike has worked and lived all over the world and his photographs show his experience. thanks for spending the time mike!

today i handed off brian’s cross bike over to him as he was passing through puddle town on his way to seattle. he said it is better than he imagined it and everything was set up perfect. it feels so good to have a customer just show up, clip in and feel the perfect fit. mike davis was stopped in his tracks when he saw brian’s bike in the stand. the perfect balance between lugged frame, modern 10 speed drivetrain, chris king durability, fast, wide tires and beautiful paint over the top of a lightweight bicycle. i am a little sad to see it go but i love the fact that brian’s first spin was in the mud and rain. ride it!

i leave this thursday for the first of the continental rides of the 2010 season in california. 10+ dudes from the northwest will hop in the new sprinter van and head south to camp, eat and ride 100 miles of the lost coast in northern california on saturday. very excited to be on the new conti bike with big ol’ bottom bracket, edge fork and smooth king wheels. i also just finished evil ryan’s new conti bike and it is a beauty. fillet brazed, normal bottom bracket to use the king/sram outboard system, some shaped columbus tubing and a whole lotta love. not that i am counting but ira ryan cycles has built more rapha continental bikes than any other conti builder. i like to think it is because i know what it takes to make a road bike that is light, durable and can handle the rigors of wading through rivers and being comfortable for 9 hours of riding. or maybe i just am lucky.


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