late tuesday post.

i have three bikes that are itching to be done and rolling out of the shop. brian’s cx bike finally got the brakes in the mail today and it should be ready to roll this week. my favorite bike by far in the last couple months. it has it all. classy lines, cx raciness, all round design and pimpin’ paint job.

marty’s porteur bike is complete with fenders, rack, stem and locking top cap all painted to match. super clean lines and fitted for paul brakes, one by 9 drivetrain and all ready to head out to cleveland where marty will build it up. very excited as he also works at the art museum where he crafted me a custom set of stencils to use on bike boxes to add a little ira ryan cycles flair. thank you marty.

dan’s cx bike is next up to bat for building up and shipping out to san fancisco where it he will campaign it in the local cross races next season. here it is with wheel’s and king headset and bottom bracket. more photos of details and angles can be seen here on my flickr page. enjoy.

aside from keeping up with orders, riding a handful of hours per week and gardening when we can, i am excited to be buidling some of the best bikes for some amazing folks doing some amazing rides this summer. in the jig now is a 29r single speed to be raced on the tour divide this season by heather from the uk. i met her last year on the cent col challange where she crushed it as the the only woman to do the ride. ver happy to build her bike to take her from north to south along the spine of the great divide.


5 Responses to “late tuesday post.”

  1. BA Says:

    Finally, I’ll be up there! Can’t believe how sweet it looks man! I’m gonna go ahead and throw in a few more of these !!!!!! things ’cause you can’t imagine how F!!!!!!!!g excited I am to roll on this thing.

  2. iraryanbicycles Says:

    i am super-duper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too! see you tuesday!!!!!

  3. Kurt Says:

    What bars are on marty’s porteur bike?

  4. iraryanbicycles Says:

    those are a set of nitto promenade bars but he has a set of flat bars he is building it up with. i wanted to add some bars, wheels and a saddle to make it look like a bike before i shipped the frame, fork, rack, stem and fenders to him to be built up.

    he promises to send photos when it is all done.

  5. bikeiowa Says:

    Great looking bikes Ira!

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