racing and riding

rode my bike twice this past weekend for a combined time of 15 hours in the saddle. call it cramming for the final or just trying to make up for lost time this past winter. sunday’s bike ride was sunny, 70 degrees and i got to work on my tan while racking up (s)miles with rachel and erin on the vernonia loop.  rode the light bike and enjoyed the white shoes with the bb30 frame up and down all the hills.

mountain bike monday was a little cloudy but matt, rachel and i met at 7 am for an epic mountain bike ride out to hagg lake, over some cryptic logging roads to brown’s camp where we shredded some trails before riding back to the max in hillsboro.  this is the 2nd time matt and i have done this route and we brought enough water, food and only took 2 wrong turns this time. muddy, cool and fun. a crash and a pulled shoulder cut the ride short but we ended up with 9+ hours in the end.  rachel wrote up a lil’ somthin’ bout our adventures here. creampuff here we come.

meanwhile back at the “ranch…………”
good friend and small business do-gooder, g. steve pickle has been racing his ira ryan bike a lot this season with fine success. he won the kent park classic and will be going strong in this year’s dirty kanza in a month or so. i would like to say i am sponsoring pickle since he is such a good racer, rider and all round great guy.

get’m tiger!


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