spring inspiration

creativity is fuel by different things at different times during the creative process. music we listen to while whittling away at metal all day, the times we have spent drinking wine at noon in some far off place, the rides and adventures we have had along or alongside friends all change the way we shape what we do with our hands and eventually the final product. the not-so vicious circle of creative inspiration happens again and again and hopefully gets refined and honed with every step.

knowing that we are signed up for nahbs this upcoming year in austin, i have tried to capitalize on some fresh ideas and push what we create in the shop to the next level. inspiration comes and goes some days but the eventual goal of wanting to make building sustainable and profitable is what is making me work smarter instead of harder this year. i want to make the best bicycles i can and make everyone’s experience a great one. we are working on some new designs that use the bb30 platform on a few bikes in the line up and also, i want to make some real show stoppers for next year.

with all this focus towards work and building, i have not been riding as much or paying as close of attention to the sport of cycling. it is big this time of year. spring classics are underway and it seems everyone is asking everyone else which races they are going to, how they did or how they could have done better in such and such race. i have been missing in action on this front. rachel and i have signed up for the creampuff 100 mile mountain bike race and i am doing a handful of non-competitive rapha rides this summer but right now, i feel fine to wake up, maybe ride an hour in the am, work all day and enjoy the fact that other folks are racing, training and riding 15 hours a week.

this being said, there is a third king kong classic this sunday am. i am not sure if i will be riding but a certain embrocated racer handed me this flyer the other day.

in honor of the paris roubaix (some bike race in europe i guess) happening on sunday, there will be a ride leaving from the downtown stumptown cafe at 9am. it is a fast training ride with a good sence of comradery. bring your embrocation and be ready for some pave action.

with the spring has come some cleaning around the shop and also a desire to open it up and invite in the fresh air and sunshine of the season. ira ryan cycles is still in the process of refining and fine tuning the space to work most efficiently but soon we will achieve good “shop-shui” as i call it. i don’t have a date yet but will be hosting a small shop open house to flush out the winter dust. we will keep everyone up to date as this gets nailed down.

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