monday moto madness

it is cold and windy outside but i have the heater cranked and am cranking away at graz’s bike along with a couple stems to head to paint this week. signs of spring are sprouting up and the interest in bikes and bicycle riding also seems to be kicking up a little also.

something about this time of year makes me want to ride anything with two wheels all the time. the designing, building, styling and riding bicycles everyday makes want to push my understanding of mechanics and distance a little further all the time. as much as i love the simple, clean style of most bicycles on the road (or off-road for that matter), i want to ride motorcycles again.

the massive missing chapter of my story was spent riding my 1972 bmw r50/5 across the american west with my home on the back for a year and a half before i landed in portland over a decade ago. selling my moto has been a sad reality over the last year or so and now i am looking for another moto.

mitering a tubeset for mike’s big-tubed-bb30 road bike today or tomorrow and hopefully get it in the queue for paint early next week. it seems as thought the bb30 phenomenon has taken off and i have seen a lot of interest in it since i built the latest conti bike. i have ridden it enough to say that i am impressed and think it is a great option for a road application. it is soooo stiff (even with a sub par crankset) it is easy to love.


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