tuesday errands

it rained all day and for some reason i decided to wear jeans. bad choice. touching every quadrant in puddle town, i made it to coat to pick up a fork, swung by the RA-ffice to drop off a couple caps for jeremy dunn,  over to king to get brian’s bb and headset and then back to the shop to repair evil’s headtube in the afternoon. below is a photo journey of my cross town adventures complete with some local folks doing their work.

the paint shop is in the middle of a massive shift to make room for sacha’s shop to move into the same building. they have cut the whole place in half and busy to get it ready for the big move next month. sacha and i chatted about the move and joked about taking photos of each other to blog the shit out of it. his new blog is very clean and typical for what you might expect from the vanilla shop.

i am not a big fan of repairs but the headtube replacement is smoother than i thought it would be. generally, repair work is figured by time+materials=total then multiply that by 2 to get the “real” total. the bike didn’t fail on the road but did need a repaint. while it was being stripped before heading to paint, they dropped it and dented the headtube beyond being able to make it round again. i scratched my head for a while to figure out what to do and figured this was the easiest way to get it back on the road.

today i am working on a couple stems and hopefully completing the repair work to get it back to paint next week.


One Response to “tuesday errands”

  1. Sacha Says:

    Good to see you Ira!



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