friday in the shop.

another day, another amazing day of bike building. i finished up stu’s porteur frame, fork and rack and dropped it all off at coat yesterday. the paint shop is in a major shift with moving the whole shop into half of the space that it was a month ago. bikes and construction materials were everywhere but they took the big bike beauty and promised to have it all it all beautifully powder coated in no time.

i am working on graz’s cross frame today and starting heather’s 29r single speed that she will race in the tour-divide this coming june. very exciting to have built a bike that raced in raam a couple years ago and now to be building another single speed bike that will be raced from north to south along the spine of the continental divide under heather’s power.

heather, who is british, has raced in the first ever cent col’s challenge last summer and also has placed on the podium of the three peaks cross race in northern england over the past couple years. tough. she is very excited to come state side and ride her mountian bike for a month in the american west.

hats are in and i have a handful left for anyone looking to get a new little package cycling caps this spring. the caps are $40, t-shirts are $20 and i now have a pay pal account to make it easier to buy t-shirts, caps, mudflaps, etc. please add $5 for shipping charges unless you live near portland and just want to drop by and pick it up in person.  i will not take deposits via paypal since the interest is too high. please drop me an email and let me know where i should mail your goods to.

i am still able (and kind of prefer to) receive a letter with a check for the caps and shirts and return the goods to you via the postal service. i am old-fashioned this way but working hard to use technology to it fullest.


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