big in japan.

spring is exploding around the shop, the city and the house. every leaf is unfurling from the dry brown twigs that have been sitting dormant all winter long. cherry blossoms make the streets look like an infrared photograph and the sunshine is making everyone smile even if they don’t mean to.

everyday the sun shines a little harder through my window in front of my work bench illuminating the vise and making it hard to look straight at the freshly filed edges of the lugset i have been cleaning up. i am not complaining since i worked in a basement shop for years under the feet of bicycle mechanics upstairs. to be able to drink my coffee and gaze at our little garden while i bend tubing for a rack is a really great thing to experience.

spring also has brought plans and talk of adventures with bikes and friends. with the longer days comes a little more time to spend in the saddle. the otto miller rides on wednesdays are great fun and growing every time we roll out of from north portland. the tuesday and thursday night group rides have started up in iowa city since day light savings has taken effect. in fact i heard that a certain ira ryan bicycle won a couple stop ahead sprints in the first week. (way to go pickle!)

rachel and i have talked about doing a couple smaller tours this season but i am not planning on taking nearly as much time off as i did last year. while i love to be able to ride and race when ever i can, i started this business to build beautiful bicycles and this year is about focusing on some shop goals instead of long miles. it has been a key element of my brand to ride and race what i build to better understand what i make and how to make it better but a little balance is in order.

part of what made last year so amazing was being able to ride on some of the most incredible rides all over the american west with rapha. it has taken a while for these rides to get to the rapha continental website but i can honestly say that the beartooth pass and pintler loop rides were some of the best rides i have ever been on in the states. thank you rapha. the idea of the documentation of a ride being aspirational lives on with the continental in 2010. stay tuned.

one of the projects in the shop over the last month was for daisuke, who works for rapha in japan. he had a ticket to come to the hand-built show in richmond last month and took a little detour on his way back to japan to stop by the shop and visit for a little while. he wrote up a lil’ something about it and put it up here if you want to read about his travels.

more recently (last saturday night) rachel and i went to the embrocation party at ampersand to see some antics and drink some cheap beers. ampersand was packed and we soon found the sidewalk was the only place to sip our drinks and chat with other folks we haven’t seen for a long winter. it was a star-studded cast and i sure jeremy will write it up if he hasn’t tweeted about it already. good times.


2 Responses to “big in japan.”

  1. 30thcentury Says:

    Dude, what are we supposed to do with all these lugs?

  2. Eel Says:

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exsirtepe.

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