busy weekend!

with all this sunshine in portland this week, it seems everyone is showing a little more leg and the riding is ratcheting up speed quickly. i did the rapha otto miller wednsday ride this week with about 30 other sun soaked people and had a blast even though i didn’t hammer into portland at 30 mph like some racers. either way you slice it, spring is fantastic and i am grateful to have made it through the thick of winter.

while on my way to the ups store yesterday to ship a fork and rack to japan for daisuke, i ran into a friend who handed me this flyer.

i don’t know what to expect but it says “trainingride” so i am working all day on stu’s porteur bike to rest up for sunday.

also on the cue for weekend plans is a great party at ampersand vintage on alberta st. for embrocation cycling journal on saturday night. talking to jeremy about the latest embrocation magazine made us realize how much cycling stuff we have and the original intent of this party was to be a cycling culture swap meet of sorts. a show and tell for our wierd desire to collect vintage stickers, old bicycle tools, complete suntour sprint groupo’s and magazines from the 1970’s.

if you want to show off some of your collection, drink a beer and talk about all this amazing riding weather we are having, show up on saturday evening at ampersand.

i am working on graz’s cross bike and stu’s porteur today and will have them both ready for paint next thursday. the sunshine is motivating to be behind the vice all day long.

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