‘sup bossman?

more of john’s photos over here———–> johndorfer.

took saturday off to drive out to echo oregon and race mountain bikes for the first time this year. everyone had a blast and the race was a hoot. i decided to shave my beard for the occasion to honor 1998 travis brown style. i was referred to as “bossman” most of the time. the race was fast and bumpy but i was the first to finish with a rigid bike and sore wrists. it was strange to race on singletrack without a single tree in sight. the route wound over 28 miles of eastern oregon range with a healthy amount of ladders and bridges that were well-built and fun. not a tree in sight as the race wove back and forth on itself in the dry, dusty hillside.  a van load of radical folks piled into the big white whale for the 3 hour drive east. tony p., the cardinals and baby, brady, will, john dorfer, rachel and myself made for a solid road trippin crew. the above photo is from john’s flickr page where more pics can be seen. the hotel room with 6 people and custom bikes was a flashback from last weekend in richmond. embrocation and armwarmers were not needed as the mercury rose to 65 degrees in the sunshine. i worked on my tan line even if i got schooled by doug wilmes and even plews in the elite/pro group. our group took a handful of the top ten placings and liz wins the prize for the top place for kick-ass mom category as matt cardinal hung out with sunday in the stoller. truely a family outing. i don’t know how much racing i will be doing this year but mountianbike racing always seems to be a little more fun than road racing.

in an effort to adopt more technology (without buying an iphone) i have singed up for twitter where i am keeping up with the in-tar-nets and updating my exploits at least once a day. i can’t promise that it will be insightful or inspiring but it is fun to be able to keep up with folks in the digital realm. thanks to tony and j.d. for making me less leery of the new technology. i also have a paypal account now for selling t-shirts and caps (which are on the way next week). it is too expensive to use for deposits and bike payments so you will still need to use a postage stamp to buy a bike.

today is all about finishing marty’s bike, building dan’s fork and designing a couple bikes to start next week. i have been using the new lathe to make a couple fillet brazed stems and also some rack parts but it has been worth the cost already. tools are amazing. the goal for 2010 is to work smarter and not harder.


8 Responses to “‘sup bossman?”

  1. daniel Says:

    Hi Ira,

    If someone selects “gift” rather than “business transaction” when sending money via Paypal it “reverses” the charges.

    So if I want to send you a $500 deposit as a “gift” the 3% (or whatever) would be added on at my end and not taken out of yours, you’d get $500 even (or the exact amount you requested from me).

    It’s an option you can offer folks if they really want to use Paypal…



  2. iraryanbicycles Says:

    sweet! thanks!

  3. JD Says:

    Thanks for a rad mountain biking weekend! What’s next, McKenzie River? Brown’s? Go straight for the Bear Springs jugular? Let’s do it!!!

  4. marty Says:

    ahhhhhh……. my bike.
    can hardly wait.

  5. chr15 Says:

    awesome whiskers dude!

  6. jim Says:

    Hey Ira,
    re. my other post, and Daniel’s above, that sounds a plan for doing a paypal payment to you…

  7. Cato Says:


    Would love to get a cap and t-shirt. Let me know how to order them.



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