i spent this last weekend at the handmade bicycle show in richmond, va. walking around the hall and helping out with my friends at rapha. it was a blast. i had a chance to take a lot of photos, talk to friends and industry contacts and be surrounded by some beautiful bikes. all of my photos are living on ira ryan cycles flickr page. i leave the glam rock photos of the bling and polished nick nacks to the general media coverage so i took pictures of the people, the tools, framebuilding goodies and some booth shots to cover the things that often get overlooked. the portland builders were largely missing so tony p., myself, signal and vanilla represented the land of lumberjacks and good coffee. the show was a slow on friday but blew up on saturday before winding back down on sunday which was a disappointment for the promoters in the end. nahbs will be in austin, tejas next year thanks to some back room dealing from mellow johnny’s but it should be a blast since the capital city is set up well for cycling culture and a big show.

i woke up this morning in my own bed and am sorting things out today getting back to work. i am working through a list of emails before i light up the torch tonight. my friend brian emailed me to update me on his cross country tour through the south. he is austin right now and has some amazing photos over here from his travels so far. good to motivate the winter spirit towards daylight savings time and the first day of spring on the 20th of this month. thanks brian. safe travels.

also in the inbox was an update on the rex burkholder for portland metro president campaign. rex started the bta back in the day and is running for metro leadership to shape the county’s cycling future. i encourage you to speak up and help get rex into office to preserve the roads portland riders use near the west hills and have a voice for cyclist’s in puddletown. more about rex burkholder can be found here.

this week is all about getting a couple frames finished and off to coat. i have stu’s porteur and mike’s road bike up to bat. i will do my best to take some photos and document the process to put up on my flickr page.


3 Responses to “recovery”

  1. Tony Pereira Says:

    I’m glad you were there, Ira. The show was a blast. We’ve gotta get some boofs in Austin.

  2. Mbah Sangkil Says:

    i love bike too, expecially old style bicycle

  3. Brooke Bell Says:

    If you need a free place to stay next year in Austin…just holler! We live about 5 miles from downtown!


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