all dressed up………..

and nowhere to go.

(other than for a ride)

i just finished these two beautiful bikes and was planning on taking the new continental bike to richmond, va. to have on hand in the rapha booth but……… don walker says i can’t even bring the bike into the show since i haven’t purchased a booth. i get it. i understand that other builders have paid good, hard-earned money to show but i am a little upset to have built a new conti bike to show off and to find out at the 11th hour that it can’t be shown in the back of a paying show attendee is a little upsetting. above all, i respect the industry of small builders, cyclists and good friendships too much to burn any bridges. i will contain the fury.

i am headed to the show this weekend to visit with other builders and take some orders if anyone is interested in talking about a new bike at a nearby coffee shop or cafe. tension has been building as other friends and builders have been busy boxing up the bikes and booths they have worked hard on for the last couple months. meanwhile, ira ryan cycles has been humming with fresh frames and new orders for 2010. give a call this weekend or drop by the embrocation or rapha booth to say hello.

3 Responses to “all dressed up………..”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Have you and Ricard Sachs arranged for another “fashion summit”?

    Bummer about your bike, you should just go all ragbrai on the situation and sneak the bike in through a church basement

  2. d*pow Says:

    Have fun out there Ira!

  3. Rick Says:

    Well have a good time anyway – lots of good people will be there. And it will all even out someday, I am sure. Make sure to post photos of the bike all over the booth.

    And nice photo of Mr. Walker btw :=)

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